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/Ahmadzai General Transport has been erect up for a long time back in Abu Dhabi. We’re the first start our tasks in Abu Dhabi, at that point opening conditioning each over U.A.E. We ’ve tried and tried each known for Refrigerator Vehicle. Refrigerator Van, Refrigeration Unit, Chiller Truck, Chiller Vans, Freezer Truck, .Freezer Vans and Vehicle  for rental body there’s to offer. We’ve a definitive mix of utmost recent model vehicles and cooling deal with the request. Quality refrigeration Units and thermally defend exchanges and  from 3 Ton to 10 Ton. We use the absolute stylish refrigeration tackle. Our vehicles are occasion uniquely intent to suit different operations. The group at Dubai Truck is then to serve the two people and associate when they bear help with moving weight each through U.A.E.

Our wide range of Commercial vehicles will offer a solution to all your transportation requirements, be it  Chiller and freezer  or cargo.

From light Pickups to heavy Trucks and from 15 seat Vans to 51 seat Coaches,  will have the right model for you at the right price.

Choose from our range of JMC Trucks for Light to Medium capacities, FAW Trucks for Heavy Duty application. FORCE for 24 seat Buses & Cargo Vans, ZX Auto for Single & Double Cabin Pickups and SUNLONG for luxury Coaches.

Fresh, Chill and Reliable Transportation:

Chiller Truck Dubai helps you deliver your vegetables, fruits, meat, drug and other products in 100 fresh and chill condition and save your virtual of wealth-effective transport. Our services areas are within UAE including Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

A freezer truck is simply a freezer on wheels. A typical freezer truck will have a freezer cargo section.

A freezer cargo section is an airtight cargo compartment that is totally insulate and that is constantly cool through cooling cycles by a refrigerator unit. Freezer trucks have a refrigeration unit that constantly removes heat from the truck until the correct temperature is reach. This refrigerator system also helps to maintain the temperature cold. As long as the truck keeps running, it will remain cold.

Refrigerator trucks are important to our society. People rent various sizes to transport food and a variety of other freights such as medicines, flowers, honeybees, perfume, and even some electronics.

Ahmadzai Provide all these Trucks and Vans on rent in Dubai as well as it provide the best services to our customers.

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