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Ahmadzai Transport, and Truck for Rent, we make an environment that is helpful for innovative thinking. Advance refrigerator transportation technology takes the development of the latest product range. Our refrigerator trucks that give transport of goods that need temperature maintain in the middle of -15 deg. C to -25 deg. C.


  • Affordable transport assures great savings on energy, fuel, and labor.
  • No moving parts during the operation refrigeration system
  • Side service doors available for easy unloading of items from roll containers.
  • Make sure for good thermal insulation properties with conductivity.
  • GRP sheets make sure for the low weight therefore high pay-load ability and valuable area for merchandise.

Operation process:

  • Refrigerator Trucks is plug up into a power supply of 3 phase and need charging up to 10 hrs.
  • The products get arranged as per the priority of the delivery on roll containers and loaded on to the truck with the help of the rear doors
  • Refrigerator Trucks need charging for one hour after product loading and even start run of the delivery.
  • On the way to the delivery, the rear doors remain shutting, and the products are unload through side service doors.
  • On return to the warehouse, the Refrigerator Trucks get plug in, to freeze the eutectic plates and the cycle works on.

Ahmadzai Refrigerator Container is rightly plan for the multi deliveries of Ice cream, sea foods, Meat, Freezer Foods, Fruit-Vegetable, Bakery Products and Dairy Products. Moreover, the Eutectic Plates are added mount within a chamber which is divide from the main load method. The creat in the store section is cool at the urgent temperature either for Chiller Application (+2⁰C to 8⁰C) or Freezer Application (-24⁰C) by the PCM pads. The join power supply to charge must be divide into three-phase.

An absolute range of refrigeration units to assist any home delivery business is just the right option with us. You need the appropriate tools to help in making sure that the product is keep under the right temperature. The technical experts associate with Ahmadzai Transport helps you to choose the refrigeration tools to lack of costs and answer the requirements of the users.

If you are looking for more information about the refrigerator Truck for Rent in Dubai UAE, we are here to help you to resolve your problems. Ask for the quotes as well.

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