Chiller Truck in Dubai

These trucks are same as chiller van but it carries more load as compare to van the truck can carry a load from 1 ton to 10 ton. And has wide insulated temperature body specially made for a chilled foods item such as Medicine, Fresh vegetables, Fresh meat, Fresh fish, Fresh chicken etc. The temperature of this van is from 25 to 05 degree and is fitted with specific cooling systems there are also multi-usage cargo bars and cargo belts to fasten and secure your cargo while you are on the move and additional function of the larger chiller truck is movable partition, these partitions allow for multi-temperature deliveries which help to cost time and fuel for our customers.

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Dubai is becoming a global place where people of various Nationality, Religion, and Culture are settling due to the Technological, Commercial, and Societal uplifting. Industrial development has transformed the commercial outlook by capitalizing. Technical experts uplifting enlightenment has introduced a new era of technology. World commercial, Political, Social welfare organization seminars, Conferences, Musical concerts, Award shows, Fashion shows, Educational expos, and much more are happening all the time. To facilitate fresh food requirements of such a huge crowd is a challenge that can be easily competed by our dry chiller vans.

Dry chiller vans are moving all around Dubai where any such kind of event organized. They are accessed through one phone call. In Dubai, one can arrange a big event without bothering much about food items. Dry chiller vans easily provide the required quantity of food in time to save the host from disgrace. Freeze items are consisted of even out of season food items.

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