reliable refrigerated Cargo movers

Reliable Refrigerated Cargo Movers transportation is a method for shipping freight that requires special, temperature is controlled vehicles. The vehicle transporting the products being shipped-in refrigeration system that keeps products at a desired temperature throughout the transportation process.

The first rudimentary version of refrigerated transportation was born in the 1800s when cargo transporters would place ice and salt below temperature-sensitive goods in train cars. This process was horribly inefficient and inevitably led to major losses in the value of goods and profitability.

In the 1900s, more efficient modes of refrigerated transportation were develop in technology have given us chain logistics, which become a massive industry and continues to grow.

A rising demand for fresh perishable goods:

Refrigerated transportation allows products in need of temperature-control transportation to be move from point A to point B quickly and efficiently than alternative modes of transportation. Because of this, items in high – demand, such as fresh meat and seafood, rely on refrigerated transportation.

Shippers of perishable products rely on refrigerated delivery service:

The obvious benefit of refrigerated transportation is that keeps products from deteriorating and losing their value during the transportation process. This is not only true for food, such as produce, meat and dairy, but also for other sensitive items such as medical products and pharmaceuticals.


Reliable Refrigerated Cargo Movers grew in response to overall expansion of international trade and the range of goods being shipping. Experts predict the further growth in this segment. Refrigerated cargo transportation involves shipping goods in compliance with a certain temperature regime for any distance. Thanks to specially equipped vehicles, the consumer properties of goods do not change and the spoilage and loss of cargo is avoid. This type of transportation is in great demand across the food, cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical, and agricultural industries, among others. We help our customers take full advantage of refrigerated transport. Asstra specialists organize optimal delivery schemes, taking into account limited and strictly regulated timeframes for the transportation of perishable goods. We monitor compliance with sanitary requirements and standards, along with special instructions for the transportation of perishable and chemical goods.