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Refrigerator Truck 3 ton Using Thermo king refrigeration unit for Reefer Trucks

Want to trade some goods in a refrigerator truck but do not wish to buy one? Well, come directly to us for renting an amazing Freezer truck. At Ahmadzai Dubai Refrigerated Trucks, we are offering highly proficient refrigerator truck 3 ton to the customers at the most affordable rents. Our refrigerator trucks can load a large amount easily and keep it fresh until it is deliver. So, rent from us the refrigerator trucks of 3 tons.

Product Description

Our fleet of Refrigerator Transportation Vehicles comprises the latest Refrigerator truck 3 ton, with haulage capacity of 3 tons. We provide these trucks on very reasonable rentals and ensure that our customers get economical solutions for shipment of their temperature-sensitive products. Our Refrigerator van are widely in demand for moving fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, confectionery and pharmaceuticals, among varied other items.

Call us for the market best rates at Ahmadzai truck for refrigeration units and chiller trucks.

Refrigerator unit for Reefer Trucks

Unlike the air conditioning in passenger cars, refrigerated trucks, or “reefers,” allow users to precisely control the temperature of the cargo area. Industries that need to maintain a cold chain — consistent temperature control across the entire supply chain — often use refrigerator containers to ensure that the cold chain is maintain throughout shipping. Most reefer trucks use a simple refrigeration mechanism that consists of a compressor, a condenser and an evaporator. Refrigerated trucks or vans are specialized delivery vehicles designed to keep cargo cold and fresh during transportation. Refrigerated trucks are an especially valuable asset for companies that regularly transport perishable goods, such as florists, food service companies, and pharmaceutical distributors.


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