Chiller Van For Rent

Our Mission Ahmadzai General Transport Aim to provide best quick and reliable service through out Abu Dhabi. We are engage offer excellent refrigerator trucksFreezer truck and chiller van rent services to the clients at competitive charges. A lead provide of refrigerator truck rent in the UAE; Our refrigerator trucks can load multiple product and a large amount of load in refrigerator unit.

Refrigerator transport

Our Mission is refrigerator transport has a lot of analogy. With refrigerator store distinct difference: movement from

This movement has multiple result

  • First space and weight limit to the climate luggage, as one is pay to take away goods and not the climate install from A to B
  • Second ability in application domain. Move pears at 1.0 °C from A to B; It effect to move a cargo from B to C and that may be freezer fish at 22 °C.
  • Third un certain about ambient conditions. When build a store facility in location X mean to operate in only 6 months of the year. The expect range of ambient condition can be in a pretty tight band. Transport luggage move from A to B to C to wherever at any time of the year should be prepare for wide ambit conditions.

This means that the move refrigerator system need our special attention. For example the cargo and ambient conditions results in a diverse of frost loads to evaporate make control in transport challenge than in store and make the need for good automatic defrost control press.

Our Quality Policy

We are all drive by a common commitment to serve the need of our customers better than anyone and. Continue Improve on our level of product quality and service.

To increase the scope of operation through strategy and innovative idea of transport service deliver to customers.