Chiller Freezer Refrigerated Van Truck For Rent Abu Dhabi, Dubai UAE


At Ahmadzai Transport, we make an environment that is helpful for innovative thinking. Advanced refrigerated transportation technology takes the development of the latest product range. Our refrigerated trucks that give transport of goods that need temperature maintenance in the middle of -15 deg. C to -25 deg. C.



  • Affordable transport assures great savings on energy, fuel, and labor.
  • No moving parts during the operation refrigeration system
  • Side service doors available for easy unloading of items from roll containers.
  • Make sure for good thermal insulation properties with conductivity.
  • GRP sheets make sure for the lowered weight therefore higher payload ability and valuable area for merchandising.

Operation process

  • Refrigerated Trucks is plug up into a power supply of 3 phase and need charging up to 10 hrs.
  • The products get arranged as per the priority of the delivery on roll containers and loaded on to the truck with the help of the rear doors
  • Refrigerated Trucks need charging for one hour after product loading and even begin run of the delivery.
  • On the way to the delivery, the rear doors remain shutting and the products are unloaded through side service doors.
  • On return to the warehouse, the Refrigerated Trucks get plugged in, to refreeze the eutectic plates and the cycle works on.

Ahmadzai Transport Refrigerated Container is rightly planned for the multi deliveries of Ice Cream, Sea Foods, Meat, Frozen Foods, Fruit-Vegetable, Bakery Products, & Dairy Products. Moreover, the Eutectic Plates are added mounted within a chamber which is divided from the main load method. The creation inside the storage section is cooled at the necessary temperature either for Chilled Application (+2⁰C to 8⁰C) or Frozen Application (-24⁰C) by the PCM pads. The joined power supply to charge must be divided into three-phase.

An absolute range of refrigeration units to assist any home delivery business is just the right option with us. You need the appropriate tools to assist in making sure that the product is kept under the right temperature. The technical experts associated with Fresh Freights helps you to choose the refrigeration tools to decrease costs and answer the requirements of the customers.

If you are looking for more information about the refrigerated truck for rent in Dubai UAE, we are here to assist you to resolve your problems. Ask for the quotes as well.


One of the most important variables in the middle of the supply chain logistics is the necessity to maintain the coolness inside. A good company adds different transportation solutions. They buy train cars, trucks, cargo ships, Chiller Truck Dubai, and vans to keep the cold inside and the heat outside when transporting goods for a long distance. Meanwhile, there are some specific kinds of the van that differ according to the needs of the shipments. Freezer vehicle is one of the necessities and Ahmadzai Transport offers the best-equipped vehicles to the companies.


For a moment, semi-freezer vans have quite advanced insulation, more than 75-millimeters thick as compared to the insulation and chiller vans while boasting privileged refrigeration ability as compared to the chiller vans. They are quite helpful in transporting the frozen foods as well as additional items that should stay below the 0°C. It also has quick-defrost measures that remove the requirement for a defrost heater. 


Among all the special kinds of Reefer Truck For Rent Abu Dhabi, full-freezer vans, right to their name, lets to have the best freezing. They share some of the best features as the semi-freezer vans, but with at least one extra dimension: thicker sidewalls and heat-resistant doors. It reduces how much the cargo areas due to the conduction from the sun’s rays on the exterior metal exterior. 

Started from pharmaceuticals and flowers, we move anything and everything that needs temperature-controlled transportation and storage. We are pompous to keep the best service of quality in the UAE. According to the needs of the customers, we do advise the appropriate vehicles with great discount in a long way. Therefore, a variety of services is offered to customers in a highly professional manner. We are also pompous to say that we are the best services at the least cost, as our belief is for the extreme satisfaction of the customers.

If you are interested in Freezer Truck For Rent Dubai and have some questions in your mind, Ahmadzai Transport can solve your problems quickly. Contact our team to find out more information and details.


No doubt, every business has special business concerns. When it comes to refrigeration or transportation, one of the main concerns is the safety of the goods until they reach the delivery point. If you are busy in a business, you’ll understand what it implies when the goods you wish to deliver fall short of the customers’ hopes when it comes to the temperature. It makes sure that the goods have persevered into good condition until they reach their destination. Refrigerated trucks are made to move fresh goods such as meat, dairy products, poultry, fish, and fruit among others and that’s too at the right temperature.

A chiller truck is referred to as a sort of refrigerated truck that makes use of a chiller as its refrigeration system. It is a machine that keeps a compartment cool by removing warmth from it, by compressing or absorbing the space vapor. It is a pumping device in the machine that pumps cool liquid from the chiller to the section. The chilled, the pumped fluid soak ups the heat within the section. That heat is going back in the shape of warm fluid to the chiller, while the compartment keeps cool.


A Chiller Van Rental Dubai offered at Fresh Freights makes sure that the goods are kept at the necessary temperature until they are conveyed. In the frozen food trade, the goods must be kept at the appropriate temperate: no more, no less. It makes sure for the overnight storage. With the support of the chiller refrigerated truck, the goods can be stored easily overnight inside the truck without having the fear of something to them.

In case, the goods are not delivered, for one reason or not after loading, they don’t have to be unloaded. The chiller machine looks on it and nothing happens till the next day. Chiller Van For Rent Abu Dhabi is also available.

If you desire, you can easily divide the truck into two different units, so that the frozen or refrigerated goods can be moved at the same moment. It resolves the problems especially related to the business.


It is important to understand the importance of the refrigeration systems in trucks; they are expected to wear and tear. In the way, they need constant servicing, so they can constantly function well without affecting the company.


This light-duty truck is a preferred rental option for urban areas. Rent this commercial truck, and discover how easy it can be to maneuver through city streets – the low cab-over design supports a tighter turning radius for improved handling and easy parking. With a box truck rental from Ryder, you gain the cargo space you need, with the fuel efficiency you want. Fresh freight refrigerated Transport organizes the most efficient way of Box truck rental to get your deliveries done through chiller truck box , freezer truck box or delivery van boxes & trucks, once we been ordered where the delivery needs to be done the rest we do coop professionally.

We will set-up each run and advise the allocated driver on the way of deliveries your perishable goods or edible goods. We are in the business of chiller transportation and refrigerated transport or freezer transportation through box truck and box vans and our focus is on creating efficient runs of your customers. Box trucks rental and delivery truck rentals are our speciality to make assure the delivery of your frozen goods, chilled foods or catering food of valuable trustworthy means of transport.


» 1:3 ton box truck,
» 2:1 ton delivery van box (Toyota van
» 3: 4.2 Ton delivery truck box
» 4:7 ton Delivery truck box
» 5:10 ton Box truck
» 16 ft. dry van body
» 960 cubic ft. of cargo space


Turbo-charged diesel

Increased Power : fuel savings, lower emissions


Up to 6,000 lb. capacity

With lift gates : 2,000 lb. capacity


» Hydraulic lift gate or walk ramp

» Flat floor, slat interior with E-Track

» Low cab-over for maneuverability

» Automatic transmission

» Power steering, tilt steering wheel


When you want to rent a food truck temporarily, our rental range offers a practical solution. You can rent a food truck as from one week.


» You want to create awareness for your brand, retail formula or product

» You want to convince your target group of taste, product- or brand values with tastings and interactions with impact

» You want to test a location, concept or product

» You want to solve a temporary capacity issue

Ahmadzai refrigerated transport L.L.C is refrigerated truck and hot truck or Hot food truck expert in UAE with over 102 refrigerated trucks, chiller vans, Hot trucks and catering trucks in the fleet.

We delivery your hot food through our unique hot food trucks and catering trucks for your events, gatherings, parties, marriage ceremonies, birthdays or your businesses. All type of Cakes , confectionery, food, hot drinks, edibles , cooker is , cuisines , caterings need certain temperature control trucks and temperature control vans for delivering your hot food from one place to another which we booked for you and your’ s beloved ones good health.

Our Hot food truck and cold truck or cold vans can service all your required food temperature for a good taste and fresh serve. We arranged temperature controlled couriers through Hot truck, Hot van, freezer van, chiller van, Freezer truck, chiller van, reefer vehicles , cold truck, cold vans, hot truck, hot vans, box truck and vans .demand orders of your fresh food and hot food could be served 24 hours with fixed runs and on time delivery services.

Emergency food delivery services or store deliveries for your day need are always welcome by Ahmadzai Transport

. Ahmadzai refrigerated transport L.L.C is always your trustworthy partner since 2007 for all your delivery services.

Ahmadzai Transport always understand the sensitivity of your goods, if foods are your business in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and you are suffering to find an exact way of real transport then we are the specialized to do so.

Dubai Municipality and food control authority approved truck are with us for safe and sound delivery services.

Maximum mobility and flexibility


» Ready on location in an instant

» Driving license category B

» Passenger seat (not in all )


Large serve over counter and fold away shelves on the outside


LED-interior lighting and separately switchable LED top lights around the vehicle


» Equipment

» Front counter with three refrigerated and one warm compartment


» Radio/MP3 player with connection for iPod and MP3-players and speakers (not in all B12’s)

» Additional equipment on request


The food truck can operate autonomously via the built-in generator. Another option is the use of an external power supply on the location, for which the food truck has a connection point. A 10-meter cable will be delivered with your food truck. Qualified extension cables can be delivered on request.



» Integrated in the driver’s cabin, accessible from the kitchen area

» Diesel consumption (from out of the fuel tank of the vehicle) approx. two litres per hour (operating time approx. 20 hours when fully charged)

» Water

» Hot and cold water, 25 litre tanks for clean- and wastewater


This food truck can be spray painted in any desired color and can be partly or fully wrapped.

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